Kathy Ridge

Founder of LIFT Connection and CEO of LevRidge Resources, Kathy has been specializing in nonprofit executive and organization transitions for over 10 years. LevRidge Resources offers succession planning and training to strengthen nonprofits during a leadership transition. LIFT Connection (Leadership Interims for Transition) offers certification of experienced Interim Executives to serve nonprofits when there is a leadership vacancy. Prior to starting LevRidge Resources, Kathy has been a nonprofit CEO, for nonprofits in need of turnaround, revisioning and change management. She recognizes executive transitions are significant strategic choice points for nonprofits. Transitions are critical pathways to developing more diversity and equity in a nonprofits senior leadership.

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November 3, 2022
We are seeing and expect more resignations of nonprofit leaders and board officers in the coming years. Nonprofit leaders who care about the mission and services of their organizations need to care about updated, viable succession planning. While most leadership...