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919 Marketing is an award-winning national PR and content marketing agency near Raleigh, North Carolina. We partner with non-profit organizations and coalitions, consumer-facing brands, and national franchise brands to effectively tell their story to the world.

Our range of services enables us to create breakthrough marketing solutions and strategies for our clients. We support our clients with content analytics, where our fact-based AI-powered content analytics platform transforms marketing decision making from “I think” to “I know” what works. We also use social, email, and digital marketing to create organic and paid campaigns based on analyzing the online behavior of an organization’s actual customers and competitors. In addition, we utilize digital and traditional public relations campaigns to accelerate brand awareness and engagement. Finally, our expert content development team creates award-winning digital content for every client in our roster.

The shared success of our clients hasn’t gone unnoticed! We’ve been ranked as one of the top 100 agencies in the country by Forbes. We have been recognized as the fastest growing PR firm in North Carolina by Inc. for three years running (2018-2021) and the Triangle Business Journal has ranked us a top 3 marketing firm every year since 2018.

As part of growing the cause marketing department of 919 Marketing, we’re anxious and excited to connect with the next generation of nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and cause-minded brands. Elevating the current spread of cause-minded organizations that call North Carolina home is one of our top priorities in growing our shared impact and success across the state and nationwide.


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Our premium 919 Insights analytics tool shows us what content is working for your audience on both your and your competitor’s social media channels and websites. 919 Insights shows what your audience is searching, which allows you to create and promote that content.

We only hire senior-level staff to lead accounts. Often agencies only involve senior staff when problems arise, but we pride ourselves in having the best working on your account. In addition, every account has a vice president working closely with the account manager in all aspects to ensure quality service.

There are so many tools you can implement for marketing! Are you using the right ones for your organization? From e-marketing, to lookalike audiences, to Amazon ads, there are many avenues to spread the word. We can help sort through the noise to find the best plan for you.

Local media coverage is still very useful. Reporters are always looking for local hooks which could be a great opportunity to showcase your organization. Most of our staff have media backgrounds, and we love telling nonprofit stories. Check out some recent local coverage for one of our nonprofit clients!

With our proprietary marketing analytics platform, 919 Insights, we keep a finger on the pulse of what is important to our clients, their competitors, and their consumers. The content we produce and the campaigns we pursue are driven by data-backed analytics and industry-wide analysis on a national scale.

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We’d love to chat with you about how we can tell the story of your nonprofit or organization to the world! Interested in our AI-driven 919 Insights analytics platform? Mention this listing when you contact us for a FREE demo! We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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