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Bloomerang serves the people who serve their communities. That’s why we gather the best tools, resources, and people in a single place and, through our donor management platform, empower nonprofit organizations like yours to carry out their missions.

Key Benefits

  • ACQUIRE new donor relationship opportunities with online giving tools such as online donation forms and peer-to-peer fundraising pages.
  • ENGAGE your donors where they are with in-app marketing tools including email marketing and letters.
  • RETAIN your donor community with wealth screening and stewardship alerts.
  • AUTOMATE the tasks of donor data management with tools such as free nightly address updates and scheduled emails and reports.


Bloomerang helps nonprofits deliver a better giving experience and create stable, thriving organizations. Combining simple-to-use technology with people-powered support and training, we encourage small and medium nonprofits to work efficiently, improve their donor relationships, and grow their donor bases.

With Bloomerang, nonprofit professionals love their work, and have another teammate in the cause.


Let us introduce ourselves…

Steven Shattuck

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Bloomerang has been built with best practices and donor retention in mind since day one. Tools such as our First Time Donor Call list and Engagement Score make it easy for you to know how to act on the information you have to create donor relationships that last for life.

We have online giving forms, a donation plug-in, peer-to-peer forms, and event forms. You can see more here:

It’s up to you! Bloomerang has built-in email marketing tools as well as an integration with Mailchimp.

You can see all our pricing options on our pricing page:

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