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At Gallery, we love solutions that allow you to work more efficiently and achieve more. That’s why we’re big fans of Microsoft’s Office 365 and Azure cloud services. From email (Exchange Online) to document management (SharePoint), online communications (Teams) to business intelligence & automation (PowerApps, Power BI, Power Automate), it’s all there. Back this up with Gallery’s ongoing support and guidance and you’ve got a great combination.

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Gallery IT Solutions offers customized IT support for non-profits, working closely with you and your team to enhance the tech experience. We provide training and real-world advice on how to best utilize the ever-changing IT land/cloud-scape, helping you make the most out of your investments. Our aim is to keep your organization running smoothly with proactive updates, consistent monitoring, and regular strategic reviews, making sure your systems are secure and efficient, so you can focus on what you do best.

See the full infographic on the benefits of using Office 365 at your nonprofit!Microsoft Office 365 for nonprofits infographic

Peter VanOlinda

Gallery IT Representative Peter VanOlinda

Using PowerApps you can design your own custom apps to replace expensive, cumbersome software subscriptions (think budget tracking, expense management, or a fundraising app that does exactly what you want)

Using SharePoint Online you can create a modern, user-friendly, beautiful Intranet to share news, documents, resources, and apps with your teammates, volunteers, and board members

Microsoft mentions this in their services agreement and highly recommend backing up your data using a third-party solution. Disruptions and outages may occur, so we provide backups of all your important document and email to eliminate any data loss.

Using Power BI we can help you create modern, meaningful, mobile-friendly dashboards for displaying your custom reports (think interactive graphs, charts, and maps)

Using Power Automate (aka Flow) you can eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks by creating automated workflows (think email approvals, processing forms, and automated email responses)

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Have questions about using Microsoft 365? Please contact Pete VanOlinda.
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