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HDH Advancement Group, LLC provides fundraising and nonprofit management services throughout the state of NC and around the country. Our consulting style is approachable and collaborative, providing strategic guidance that leads to tangible results. Our areas of expertise include development assessments and plans, fundraising services (major gifts, planned giving, annual giving, events, and grants), feasibility studies and campaigns, and staff and board training.

Our team brings decades of experience working on-the-ground with nonprofits around the country – in organizations ranging from large health systems and universities to small, community nonprofits. We also bring years of expert consulting experience working under the mentorship and training of top leaders in the industry. It is our intense passion to build up and bring together people of diverse backgrounds, and we partner with nonprofits to elevate social impact together!


Let us introduce ourselves…


With over twenty years of fundraising and nonprofit management experience, Heather D. Hu founded HDH Advancement Group, LLC in 2020. The firm was created to help nonprofits operate more effectively and efficiently in order to increase capacity for impact. We do this through training, advising, connecting, and mentoring.

Heather’s personal passion for building up and bringing together people from diverse backgrounds further guided the firm’s mission: to advance positive, social impact by empowering nonprofits, industry professionals, and those that they serve.

Heather’s work throughout the country gave her a broad perspective on the nonprofit industry. She identified common challenges that nonprofits face – things such as:

  • operating under-resourced
  • working tirelessly for the mission without time to determine how to work more strategically
  • balancing focus on programs and services with the need to effectively fundraise and manage the organization
  • maximizing board service
  • bridging the gap between donors, staff, the board, and those they serve

HDH Advancement Group exists to help address these and other challenges that nonprofits face. Our team of experienced and passionate nonprofit professionals recognizes the significant role of nonprofits in society. We provide an approachable style with tangible results, and we are here to – elevate nonprofit impact together!

Heather Hu

The HDH team has worked around the country and continues to work with clients locally and nationally, which provides local context with national best-practice fundraising experience and knowledge. In addition, our team has experience working with nonprofits ranging form small, community-based nonprofits to large universities and health systems.

HDH is known for conducting a comprehensive Development Assessment and Planning Study that allows organizations to maximize efficiency and effectiveness and to increase funding to support organizational impact.

HDH is launching its first Internship! This internship focuses on equipping a diverse, development professional who is new to the field. We recognize that in order for the nonprofit profession to diversify, we must create opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to get the experience that they need to thrive.

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Now is a great time to assess, plan, think strategy, and take your organization to an all new level. We are here to help you: expand your fundraising programs to increase funding and impact, train your board and staff to work more efficiently and effectively for the mission, plan and conduct a capital campaign, and conduct strategic development and organization planning studies.

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