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Strickland Hardee PLLC was founded on the motto “Integrity Meets Trust” and are located in Lexington, NC. We provide a full range of accounting services from bookkeeping to financial statement audits, including YellowBook and Single Audits, to IRS Form 990 Information Returns. While Strickland Hardee is a new firm, the partners have over 40 years of experience. We understand the challenges that Nonprofit Organizations are facing, and have the experience to help you no matter the problem. Look at us, not as a service provider, but rather as your partner in success.

If you are in need of basic bookkeeping services, financial statement audits (including YellowBook and Single Audits), tax services, or anything in-between, let us partner with you to ensure the success of your organization.

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Travis Hardee

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As a partner in your success, we offer services such as internal control evaluations, capital asset maintenance, and training seminars. We also offer Back Office Support Services (BOSS) which provides all the necessary functions of an accounting department.

In short, yes. Travis Hardee has been performing both YellowBook and Single Audits for nearly 35 years. His experience and training has earned him the AICPA Advanced Single Audit badge. He continually attends seminars, keeping him up-to-date on the latest governmental regulations covering such audits.

Strickland Hardee’s partners have the same philosophy as well. We ensure at least the upper levels of the audit team will remain consistent over the years. This not only saves time, and money, but allows for the building of trust.

While we do not advocate for a particular product, we do have experience with several accounting packages that enable us to give you a good idea of what may best suit your needs and budget.

We still enjoy getting to know our clients through actual meetings to get started. After that, we provide a secure portal to upload all financial records needed for the audit engagement. The portal is secure and only the individuals who you approve have access to the uploaded files.

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With so many uncertainties of today, you can be certain of your financial position.  We have the experience and a dedicated team to making sure your financial statements not only reflect your position but tell the story of your organization.  We want to be your partner in success.

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