Emilia Ismael-Simental

Emilia Ismael-Simental, PhD. is the Civic & Community Participation manager for El Centro Hispano (ECH). She has a doctoral degree in Cultural Studies and was a university professor and researcher in Mexico for over fifteen years before moving to North Carolina and joining the El Centro Hispano family. Her work at ECH is committed to strengthening a culture of participation in the Hispanic community of North Carolina. Through the Civic & Community Participation department she has conducted outreach and participation projects such as ECH’s 2022 voter registration campaign, the naturalization program, a youth leadership program, an LGBTQ+ program, the aging initiative, among many other projects and initiatives. Her academic research has focused on cultural policy and urban regeneration and is available through many international publications both in-print and online. Among them are: “Disruptive Culture: Violence and Cultural self-Management in Tijuana, 2011-2017” in City, Culture and Society, 2023; La estetización de la Ciudad. Políticas de la Regeneración Urbana [The Aestheticization of the City. The Politics of Urban Regeneration], BUAP/IFC, 2022; and “Building the City through Culture: Puebla’s Cultural Policy and its Discontents”, in Social and Cultural Geography, 2019.

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November 2, 2023
El Centro Hispano is the largest Latino-led organization in North Carolina dedicated to building bridges, strengthening the community, and advocating for equity and inclusion. This presentation outlines the framework El Centro Hispano has adopted to ensure these crucial values permeate...